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London Logo Designer is your on-demand technical support service for anything WordPress.

Website Fixation In London

Small Tasks

Website assistant from £39

Are you interested in implementing minor adjustments to your website? Maybe you require assistance with refreshing your content, images, design, or incorporating an exciting new feature. Streamline your website management and save valuable time.


Fix WordPress issues from £49

Has your website disappointed you? Whether it’s due to a plugin clash, an internal server hiccup, a malfunctioning theme, or a challenging technical problem, our top-notch service is here to get your website back in perfect shape.

London Logo Designers
London Website Fixing Service


Website transfer from £69

Do you require a website transfer to a different server? Moving a website can feel like a challenging endeavor, especially when altering domain names. However, rest assured, we’ll ensure a secure and seamless transition of your website to its new hosting environment.

Speed Optimization

A faster website from £99

Do you desire enhanced loading speed for your website? A swift-loading site not only enhances user satisfaction but can also boost your Google search rankings. Our objective is to ensure your website achieves the fastest loading times feasible, and if we can’t enhance its performance, we’ll provide you with a refund.

London Logo Designers
Website fixation London

Malware Removal

Hack repair from £119

Has your website fallen victim to a cyberattack? Maybe you’ve detected unwelcome spammy links, experienced a sudden decline in web traffic, observed erratic server activity, or received a displeased customer email. Rest assured, we’ll promptly eliminate the malware infection and fortify your website’s security.


Website development from £245

Is it time for a website makeover? Fixmysite is here to assist you in creating and crafting a perfectly optimized WordPress website. Reach out to us today to arrange a discovery call and enhance your online presence.

London Logo Designers

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